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9 inches Car Security System
9 inches Car Security System
Features of Monitor (MO-146D):
  • 9 inches Digital Quad Monitor
  • Picture image may be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing; characters of the menu will not inverse when set to mirror image
  • Single, dual, triplex, quad, trefoil, Y-split image and PIP functions available
  • System format: NTSC/PAL
  • Five trigger lines; once a trigger line is activated, image automatically switches to its corresponding camera. Trigger priority is available
  • Auto scan, scan channel and time can be set according to the users demand
  • Reverse warning yardstick
  • Touch screen available, can recognize down, left, right side "swipe"; support two-point touch to realize channel switching
  • Support level 5 LCD manual backlight adjustment ,level 2 automatic adjustment
  • Easy installation and convenient operation, with innovative functions
  • Applicable to indoor / outdoor security systems, vehicle and ship surveillance
  • 22-Pin:4 AV inputs,1 video output, and 1 audio output
  • One VGA image input, resolution: 800 x 600 (60Hz), 640 x 480(60Hz), one VGA audio input
  • With touch screen signal output, under the state of VGA display, when its connected to computer through USB, you can control the computer through the touch screen
Features of Camera (CW-656):
  • Extra smaller
  • Stainless-steel sun-shield and U-bracket
  • With auto shutter
  • Super wide angle (150°)
  • Automatic heating when the cameras running temperature is below 10℃(optional)
  • Performs in rugged conditions
  • Distance label selectable to be open or closed
  • Waterproof and weather resistant housing for outdoor use
  • Night vision available, day/ night sensor for automatic adjustment
  • IR distance: approx. 10m
  • Infrared LED light: 12
  • Mirror/ Normal image switch (depending on the chips)
9 inches Digital Quad Monitor (MO-146D):
1. Dimension:9”TFT-LCD color digital monitor with built-in quad.
2. TV System: NTSC/PAL
3. Resolution: 800 x 3(RGB)x480(H)
4. Brightness: 400cd/㎡
5. Contrast: 500:1
6. Viewing angle: U:50°/D:70°;R/L:70°
7. Aspect ratio: 16:9
8. Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
9. Storage Temperature: -30℃ - +80 ℃
10. Power consumption:max.25W
11. Power for cameras:max. 4X300mA,12V
12. Input voltage: 10-32V
13. Video inputs:4 video inputs for cameras:peak value:1Vp-p,impedance:75ohm
14. Audio inputs:4 audio inputs for cameras:peak value:1Vp-p,impedance:4.7Kohm, 1 AUX audio input.
15. Video outputs:1 REC video output: peak value:1Vp-p,impedance:75ohm, 1 video sync output:peak value:1Vp-p,impedance:75 ohm
16. 16.Audio output: 1 REC audio sync input: peak value:1Vp-p,impedance:4.7Kohm 
Distance Label
9 inches Car Security System-Distance Label
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