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5.6 Inch automobile monitor with digital screen
5.6 Inch automobile monitor with digital screen
  • 5.6 Inch TFT LCD color automobile monitor with digital screen
  • TFT LCD monitor with wide view angle and high resolution display.
  • Picture image adjustable for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing
  • 8 languages selectable for user operation
  • Automatic backlighting for buttons.
  • Full-function remote control.
  • Multiple video formats available: AUTO/ PAL/ NTSC.
  • 13-Pin: 3 cameras inputs
  • 22-Pin: 4 cameras inputs, 1 video output and 1 audio output.
  • Operates from 10~32V. Support 12V or 24V automobile battery.
  • Automatically switches to back-up, left or right side camera views.
  • Speaker available and users can control the sound level from control panel.
  • The LOGO displays on the monitor when switched on, and disappears while there is video signal. Auto switch off if video signal losts in 3 minutes.
1. Product: 5.6" TFT- LCD Color digital monitor.
2. Audio output: 1W.
3. Loudspeaker: one 4.0cm round loudspeaker.
4. Power supply: Automobile storage battery (10-32V) , Automobile adapter.
5. Power consumption: about 5W .
6. Outer dimension: 145mm (W) x136mm (H) x 31.5mm (T) (without flush mount), 182mm (W) x 155mm(H) x
42.5mm (T) (with flush mount),
7. Dot pitch: 0.0588 (H) ×0.1764 (V).
8. Resolution: 640 x 3(RGB) x 480
9. Contrast: 500:1.
10. Brightness: 200cd/m².
11. Viewing angle: U: 50 / D: 70, R/L: 70.
12. Operating temperature: -20 ºC ~+70ºC, RH90%.
13. Storage temperature: -30 ºC ~+80ºC, RH90%. 

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5.6 inches TFT LCD Color Automobile Monitor with Digital Screen-Distance Label
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