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dash cam with 9.66 Inch mirror monitor
dash cam with 9.66 Inch mirror monitor

STONKAM® supplies the dash cam with 9.66" mirror monitor equipped with multi-touch/capacitive screen plus 2.5D glass, which enables it to demonstrate much brighter and clearer pictures; the front HD camera with a wide angle of 170°and the resolution of 2560x1440, together with the 1080P rearview HD camera provides a larger field of view, clearer and more coherent pictures; besides, the recording function will still work even the power is off, and reversing will trigger the 2nd channel to display on the screen automatically. There are three scene modes for you to choose: Mirror Mode, single Font View or Rear View Mode and Split View Mode. In addition, belts are used to fix the housing, making it convenient to install the product to cars, buses, trucks, ambulances, vans, RVs, etc.

  • Monitor Size: 9.66 inches
  • Built-in front view camera: 2K resolution, 170° wide angle
  • Support recording, max.128G Micro SD card
  • Monitor resolution: 1280 x 320; IPS screen; brightness: 600cd/㎡
  • Multi-touch capacitive screen plus 2.5D glass; when the screen is black , it can serve as a mirror
  • User-friendly UI, support touch and swipe gesture control
  • Support multiple languages: English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/French/Russian, etc.
  • Support 1 extra rear camera, can be triggered when reversing (Optional)
  • Support 1 external GPS (optional)
  • Support built-in WIFI (optional)
  • Built-in 500mAh lithium battery keeps the dashboard camera recorder working when power is off
  • Boot up in 3 seconds
  • Support menu lock
  • Power input: (mini USB) 5V/2A; with 12V-15V igniter
  • Working temperature: -20ºC - +70ºC
  • Belts to conveniently fix the housing

dash cam with 9.66


Display Size



1280 x 320


600 cd/m²

Viewing Angle

IPS Screen85/85/85/85

Touch Screen+2.5D Glass

Mirror function

Video inputs

built-in front view camera: 2560x1440 resolution; extra rear view camera (optional): max 1080P

Video Display

Single view or split view; adjustment to the displayed zone supported

Audio Input

1 built-in microphone to collect the sound inside the vehicle



Videos storage medium

1 Micro SD card (MAX. 128G)

Compressed File Format



Optional built-in GPS Module can encode the coordinates and the speed to the video streaming

Voltage Inputs

Monitor: 5V/2A, with 12V-5V igniter

Built-in Battery

The 500mAh lithium battery keeps the dashcam working when power is off

Power Supply

MAX. 10W

Working Temperature

-20ºC -+70ºC, RH65% (0-70°C for the battery)

Storing Temperature

-30℃- +80℃,RH65%

2.5D Curved Glass Display

STONKAM® 9.66 Inch mirror monitor uses 2.5D curved glass display, rounding off the edges of the flat display to avoid breaking,  offering better visual effect and better user experience.

dash cam with 9.66

High Definition Front View and Rear View Dashboard Camera

Max. 2560x1440 front view and 1080P rear view resolution enable the DVR dash cam to record high definition videos. The front view and rear view cameras can work simultaneously to present the situations ahead and behind the vehicle to the electronic mirror, contributing to the driving safety and faster evidence collecting.

dash cam with 9.66

Wide Angle Camera For Larger Field of View

The Dash Cam can record the situations in the  multiple lanes, ahead, behind, or beside the vehicle, to reduce the blind spots while not distorting pictures.

dash cam with 9.66

Real-time Monitoring of the Reversing Brings Convenience and Safety

With the STONKAM® HD In-vehicle Electronic Mirror Dash Cam, reversing will trigger the rear camera and switch to the camera image automatically, achieving real-time monitoring of the surroundings behind the car to make reversing easier and avoid collision.

dash cam with 9.66

Easy Installation Through Fastening the Belts

Belts are used to fix the Mirror Dashboard Camera to the car, achieving easy installation with no damage caused.

dash cam with 9.66


STONKAM® dash cam with 9.66 Inch mirror monitor provides driving safety solutions for all kinds of vehicles.

dash cam with 9.66

dash cam with 9.66


car charger

mounting strap rear view camera power cord

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