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1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device
1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device

STONKAM 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device adopts H.264 compression technology and supports real-time remote monitoring, which can dispatch and manage the fleet more effectively. The intelligent MDVR is integrated with advanced Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS), featured with all functions of FCW, driver face recognition and behavior detection, which can warn the driver of the potential risks caused by fatigue, distraction, so as to improve driving safety. In addition, the system also has a powerful video recording function, which can quickly provide evidence for traffic accidents, thefts, and feigned accidents! Click to view Intelligent HD MDVR Integrated System.

  • Detect and warn the driver of unsafe behaviors: fatigue, distraction, phone calling, smoking, no driver
  • Driver face registration
  • Forward collision detection
  • HD alarm recording (simultaneous alarm and recording)
  • Synchronous display of real-time monitoring videos on the Client
  • GPS track recording, showing the actual speed and location
  • Remote downloading of recorded videos on server or DVR
  • Support 4 channel AHD 1080P input and HD 1080P output
  • 4x1080P, 4x720P, 4xD1 and 4 mixed-resolution recording, with 15 seconds pre-recording function
  • Multiple trigger recording modes: power on trigger , timer trigger, motion trigger, G-sensor trigger, over-speeding trigger, 8-channel customized alarm input trigger, and panic button trigger recording
  • Support 2G/3G/4G/ WIFI/ GPS tracking; can achieve real-time remote monitoring on iOS and Windows client
  • With WiFi station and AP mode; AP mode can support that mobile directly connects to device for easy preview and configuration at mobile terminal by WebUI
  • Automatically upload data for remotely intelligent data analysis and management, including data: alarm recording, alarm information, log information, GPS trajectory, real-time videos and images
  • Support Max.4x128GB SD card for data storage
  • Support dual stream technology, and sub-stream network transmission
  • Support G-sensor acceleration sensor
  • Operated by touch-screen and infrared remote control
  • MIL-STD 810G shockproof and well protected by super-capacitor

Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR Integrated with FCW & DMS System



Operating system


Operating interface

Graphical menu operation interface(OSD)

Video permission

Administrator & user setting


Video input

Max 4ch 1080P analog high definition

CVBS output

1CH 6pin aviation connector output PAL/NSTC

HD output

1CH 1080P

Video display

1/2/3/4 CH

Video standard



H.264 main profile


Audio input

4 channels

Audio output

2 channels

Record format

Synchronized video & audio recording

Audio compression


Digital processing & storage

Video resolution


Video bit rate




Playback resolution

4*1080P (encoding & decoding at the same time)

Audio bit rate



SD card * 4, max 128GB


Alarm input

8 channels

Alarm output

2 channels,1 buzzer

Motion detection

Adjustable high / low sensitivity

Interface for communication


1 channel


1 channel


1 channel


1 channel


1 channel for file backup and firmware upgrade






WIFI hotspot/AP







Windows client


iOS client


Web portal







Max Power Consumption


Standby Power Consumption


Electrical specifications

Operating temperature & humidity


Electronic Clock

Built-in clock, Calendar

Super Capacitor


Why we need STONKAM 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device?

Distraction and fatigue are the main reason for many traffic accidents. It’s dangerous and can happen to any driver no matter how skilled he/she is. STONKAM 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device can continuously monitor drivers’ status, launch alarms to abnormal driving behavior, and detect the distance from the vehicle in the front, offer visible distance for the driver and make early warnings, in order to reduce the risk of traffic accidents! Additionally, the system also has a powerful video recording function, which can quickly provide evidence for traffic accidents, thefts, and feigned accidents! 

AI DVR Integrated with DMS & FCW

STONKAM Upgraded 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device, which can eliminate your worries in driving!

Using artificial intelligence technology to effectively help safe driving and reduce accidents!
STONKAM 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device adopts AI technology to achieve functions such as face recognition and registration, analysis and early warning of drivers’ behavior, and forward collision warning (FCW), so as to contribute to safe driving and reduce accidents

8ch intelligent MDVR system

AI HD DVR System

DVR & DMS & FCW integrated into one powerful system, which can greatly reduce costs and installation time!

AI DVR Integrated with DMS & FCW

STONKAM 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device, professional and reliable fleet management solution

4ch DVR integrated DMS & FCW System

Achieve remote monitoring by DVR GPS tracking/ 2G/3G/ 4G/ WiFi, convenient vehicle management on PC/ Mobile phone

Users can remotely manage and dispatch all vehicles through their mobile phones or computers via Windows Client, iOS and Android APP. The mobile DVR supports real-time positioning, historical trajectory, file download and playback, electronic fence and other special features.

4CH HD MDVR integrated system

Detailed Features of STONKAM® 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device

Keep recording all the time while event occurring on road, and support remote High Definition screenshot

The digital video recorder can set video recording quality—1080P/720P/D1, and high definition pictures can be captured through PC CMS Client and mobile APP.

AI MDVR System

GPS Vehicle Historical Track Playback

Through the PC CMS Client or Mobile APP, the current location and historical driving trajectory of vehicles can be clearly queried on OS map/ Google map/ Baidu map.

AI MDVR system

Powerful Recording

The H.264 digital video recorder features diverse recording modes, various video storage devices, integration of vehicle information, and the double protection of recording data.

AI DVR Integrated with DMS & FCW

Recording Quality

Storage Capacity Bit Rate
Recording Time
4 x 128G 4Mbps 75Hrs
4 x 128G
4 x 128G 1Mbps

Watch real-time video on PC

User can watch the real time video by choosing the specific vehicle license number on the left side of the CMS Client. Each vehicle has a unique identification number in the CMS which can be set by the user.

Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR integrated system for driving safety

Alarm info pop up on PC / mobile APP

Easy to analyze the abnormal situation of vehicles and to track the relevant information.

AI DVR Integrated with DMS & FCW

Remotely download video

Video files can be remotely downloaded by logging in PC CMS Client or mobile APP.

AI HD MDVR system

Support 15s pre-recording and mandatory event videos saving

9-axis G-force, more sensitive to vehicle reaction.

AI HD MDVR integrated system

Product Video


STONKAM 1080P DVR&DMS&FCW All-in-one Intelligent Device can be widely applied, providing professional and reliable fleet management solutions to buses, coaches, tourist buses and school buses.

STONKAM Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR Integrated with FCW & DMS System


4 Channel 1080P HD Mobile DVR Recorder System:

6P to 4P 

conversion cable

Power Cable
Alarm & sensor connecting cable

Wi-Fi Antenna


3G Antenna


4G Antenna


GPS Antenna


All-in-one Antenna


Panic Button


4P Extension Cable


Remote Control

High Definition Quad-view Monitor:

Sun Shield

U- Support Bracket Angle Adjustment Screws

Center Mount Bracket

Extention Cable

Power Cable
IR Remote Control

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