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Focus Leads to Professionalism; Professionalism Creates Specialists


Akiyamamokkou is Japans leading furniture manufacturer with its customized furniture commonly found in the Japanese Palace Hall, Guest House, National Convention Hall, and famous hotels. Due to the unique craftsman cultivating system that emphasizes talents, it has attracted attention in the industry and at home and abroad. In the view of the founder Akiyama, it takes time to become a real craftsman, and usually eight years are needed: those who come to Akiyamamokkou will complete courses or periods including one-year preparatory course, four-year of apprentices, and three-year of tutors. These courses on thought preparation, life attitude, basic training, method and technology, etc., are compulsive for a qualified craftsman. Then in the ninth year, when he becomes a real craftsman, he will be driven out of Akiyamamokkou and march toward a new path, and life will start to shine when he works for himself, for others, and for the society.

Focus Leads to Professionalism; Professionalism Creates Specialists


Focus and professionalism will be needed for an excellent craftsman; its even so for an enterprise that is determined to be a benchmark in the industry, and to create a international brand.


Throughout the thousands of years in the business world, countless entrepreneurs have been on the road, regardless of size or category of the business, region, or the order, all of the brand founders that continue to grow and remain the brand champions of the product they are selling, have experienced these three stages: focus, professionalism, and specialist.

Focus Leads to Professionalism; Professionalism Creates Specialists


Focus Leads to Professionalism

Mentioning Mr. Shi Ximin and STONKAM founded by him, the first word people think of is “craftsman”. Because of his love for in-vehicle electronic products, in 2003, he chose to be an entrepreneur from the senior executive of a state-owned enterprise and founded STONKAM. Since then, he has thrown himself to vehicle monitoring products. During these 16 years, many companies put great emphasis on scale expansion and speed by continuously expanding channels, diversifying business, and even entered fast-moving consumer goods or real estate industry which can make quick money. However, STONKAM still insists on its own business operating method by focusing on the meticulous R&D of automotive electronics for 16 years.


At the same time, many companies are advocating the "10,000-hour law", but for STONKAM, 16 years not only indicate far more than 10000 hours, but more energy and enthusiasm, and the long-term persistence of craftsmanship. Because of the focus and fruitful results, our professionalism is not what the general enterprises can reach.


After 16 years of persistence, Mr. Shi Ximin has led more than 400 employees throughout the company, to constantly cultivating new materials, new process method and new technologies for vehicle monitoring products; constantly focusing on exploring the area of vehicles that hasn’t been explored, and integrating automotive electronic technology with a new generation of artificial intelligence. (AI) Deep integration of technology. In this way, STONKAM has developed technological products one after another, bringing breakthroughs in technology to the industry, filling the gaps in the high-tech fields of the automotive electronics industry and improving the research level in the field of international automotive electronics, and becomes the pioneer of technology in the entire industry!

Focus Leads to Professionalism; Professionalism Creates Specialists

Professionalism Creates Specialist

"Professionalism" is raised by Kenichi Ohmae, one of the Five Masters of Global Management selected by the British Economist magazine and “Father of Japans Strategy”. The core point is customer first. In order to offer unique value to the customer, one needs to become an expert by owning everlasting curiosity and enterprising spirit, and constantly improving the ability of foresight, conceiving, discussing and adapting to contradictions.

Since the establishment of STONKAM, Mr. Shi Ximin has put forward the core values of “customer first, quality excellence, and innovation infinity”, which is consistent with the “professionalism” raised by Mr. Kenichi Ohmae. The reason why he can become a excellent craftsman, is because Mr. Shi Ximin always has customers in his heart. Quality management and control has become the zero-defect quality control model of the entire industry chain, to ensure that every production is a quality product. To promptly meet the different needs of customers is the driving force of STONKAMs endless pursuit of innovation. If there is no such focus and professionalism, how can we continue to provide customers with unique value? Vehicles are the necessary means of transportation for modern people, and vehicle monitoring products can protect thousands of people. For driving safety with such significance, only those vehicle monitoring products and solutions offered by specialists with focus, professionalism can be trusted.

Focus Leads to Professionalism; Professionalism Creates Specialists


Today, STONKAM has established long-term trade cooperation with outstanding enterprises in various industries, among which there are many Global 500 partners. Our products are sold well in more than 150 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan, etc. The long-term recognition of customers and consumers at home and abroad is also subtly affecting the development of this market and industry.


STONKAM, because of focus, it has become a professional supplier and manufacturer, and because of its professionalism, it has become a specialist in automotive electronics and industry, and a leading company in the international vehicle monitoring industry. Such brand spirit and professional craftsmanship of "focus, professionalism, and specialist" will surely enable STONKAM to continue to create miracles, provide more quality products for people, and make more and greater contributions to peoples safe and happy life!

Focus Leads to Professionalism; Professionalism Creates Specialists

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