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AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera

TC933, HD264D

AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera can solve visual problems in dark night, foggy day and glare environment by combining thermal imaging with visible light detection on pedestrians & vehicles and displaying their images at the same time. This system also features quick and accurate recognition, stability and easy installation. It can be widely applied to construction machines to ensure operation safety.

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  • Easy installation

  • IP69K waterproof and dustproof; 5.9g anti-vibration rating

  • Pedestrian detection range: 0.5M-15M

  • Vehicle detection range: 0.5M-40M

  • Infrared camera lens: 3.2mm, 53° horizontal viewing angle

  • Visible light camera lens: 6mm/2.3mm, 50°/140° horizontal viewing angle

  • FHD 1920X1080P video output (with pedestrian & vehicle detection frame and alarm frame)

  • Dual display, infrared image overlapping a small part of normal image

  • Alarm audio output to monitor or other devices with loudspeaker for sending sound alarms

  • Settings and calibration on web on mobile phone by connecting with WIFI hotspot

  • Automatic upgrading by USB flash drive

Power Supply 10 ~ 36V DC
Power Consumption MAX. 2.5W
External Connector 8Pin mouse male connector on device; 4pin mouse female connector(power, video, audio), USB2.0 female connector and I/O alarm output wire on transition cable
Infrared Camera Module 256X192/25f
Built-in Visible Light Camera Module  1920X1080P/25f or 1920X1080P/30f
Video Output 1CH,AHD,1920X1080P
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
Infrared Camera Size 83X73X38(mm)
Visible Light Camera Size 95X60X70(mm)
Weight 640g
Color Black



Why do we need AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera?

Construction machines work in complicated environment, where roads are too dark to be seen at night and bad weather or strong light often affect driving vision. Drivers cannot see pedestrians and vehicles clearly in these situations, which is a big challenge to driving safety!

vehicle thermal camera



STONKAM AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera!


vehicle mounted infrared camera


Dual display, double protection

AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera can display visible light image and strong light image at the same time to ensure clear field of view on roads no matter what kind of environment you are in!

thermal imaging camera for vehicle



Anti-glare and penetrating smog

This AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera can protect driving vision against opposite vehicle headlights to ensure driving safety.

vehicle night vision camera



Detect pedestrian and vehicles to alert potential dangers

ai vehicle mounted thermal camera




AI Dual Spectrum Thermal Camera can be widely applied to various vehicles machines to ensure operation safety!

hd vehicle mounted thermal camera

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