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HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera
HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera

STONKAM® HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera, featured with passive infrared (PIR) technology, is able to detect pedestrians, and work with HD monitors to realize real-time IR image display, offering clear vision to the driver, so as to guarantee the driving safety!

  • Consist of one camera and one control box
  • Meet the national standard for vehicle-use PIR devices
  • Pedestrian detection function; can be connected to DVR or other in-vehicle devices via aviation connectors
  • Low power consumption
  • High-quality image
  • High stability
  • Waterproof rating for the camera: IP69K
Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera

Detector Type
Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Pixel Size
Spectral Band
Focal length
Focusing Method
Fixed focal length
Field of View
28° x 21°
Spatial Resolution
Power Supply
DC 12V±10%
Power Consumption
<500mW (correction+with heating function on<5W)
Operating Temperature

Why we need IR thermal camera for vehicles?

Have you been bothered by following problems:
When driving in the dark, often dazzled by the high-beam headlights of the oncoming cars?
Vision is blurred in hazy days?
Unable to recognize pedestrians due to complicated traffic conditions?
Is there a device that can warn us of the potential danger automatically when we are driving?


Vehicle-use IR night vision system

STONKAM® HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera is designed for tackling these problems!

Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera

24-hours; all-weather; comprehensive security
STONKAM® HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera can work 24 hours in all-weather conditions to offer comprehensive safety guarantee, enabling you to know about the real-time situation in the front, so as to improve driving safety!

Thermal night vision camera for vehicles

Anti-glare & haze-proof features to guarantee the safety 
The IR thermal camera can keep the drivers from the disturbance of the headlights of the oncoming vehicles, and provide them with clearer vision to guarantee the driving safety.

infrared thermal camera

Pedestrian detection function helps present better performance working with DVR or other vehicle monitoring systems!

Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera


STONKAM® HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera can be widely applied to all kinds of vehicles, providing you with more intelligent safety guarantee for driving!

Vehicle-use IR night vision system

Vehicle-use IR night vision system


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