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6CH 1080P HD Waterproof 360 Surround View Panoramic Image System


6CH 1080P HD waterproof 360 surround view panoramic image system: 6CH 195° ultra-wide angle HD cameras input, multiple viewing models with free switching of 3D/2D perspective, are specially designed for articulated buses, cranes, long trailers, container trucks, fire fighting trucks and other super long vehicle. With IP69K waterproof, even if in harsh environments, it could offer 360° panoramic bird view for various vehicles, achieving 360° monitoring without blind spots. With strong recording function, it can offer 512GB+2T SSD large capacity video storage.

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 【Compliant with UN ECE R151+R159 regulations】It meets the requirements of BSIS/MOIS regulations, eliminating side and front blindness of large vehicles

6CH 360° Around View】6CH 360° surround view image system, suitable for all kinds of vehicles 
D Video】1080P high definition fish eye camera input with good real-time display, offering HD and stable images
One-minute Calibration】Automatic calibration can be finished in 1 minute, and it supports automatic plane correction, saving time and effort 
Surround view & Vehicle Monitoring】Support 360 surround view with 4 channels and other applications with 2 channels  
Built-in FCW Function】Additional camera and extra installation are not required, built-in FCW(Front Collision Warning) saving time and effort 
Resource Integration】Able to work with STONKAM pedestrian detection camera. Additionally, radar access is supported, and the vehicle is fully protected
Remote Vehicle Management】It can be connected to the platform via 4G to achieve remote vehicle management
Strong Recording function】512GB+2T SSD stores large capacity videos
Waterproof and Dustproof】IP69K waterproof, dustproof and  shockproof, able to operate even if in harsh environments
Other Functions】Optional capacitive touch screen; trigger wire and GPS access are both supported

360 Degree Surround View Control box: 

Video input

Max.6CH×1080P  AHD (25/30)FPS

Compatible with 6CH * 720P (25FPS/30FPS) 

Video output


AHD/VGA output

RTP/RTSP (1080P/720P/D1 optional)

Output delay

The analog output delay is within 200ms

The average delay of RTSP push stream is less than 200ms

Startup with picture

Support fast picture of single channel screen within 3 seconds

Display view types

Single channel view of each camera

Six split view

2D panoramic view (original 2D view)

3D panoramic view at any perspective


Max. 1×512G SD card+1×2T SSD card


(Default) Max.6CH×1080P H.264 15FPS encoding   

6CH 1080P standard input or single-channel splicing composite screen image

Format AVI/MSV


Advised to use PC software for playback

The board supports 6CH simultaneous playback

Code stream


Other bitrate could be customized

Control box dimension

181.6*146.6  mm

Waterproof rating



Remote control、touch screen (optional)


Ethernet WIFI  4G(OPTION)

Expanded port

1. Trigger line*6

2. TTL 

3. CAN *2

4. USB port

Additional G-sensor

Standard: GPS、Acceleration chip

Optional: Ultrasonic radar, microwave radar, pedestrian detection camera

Power supply


Operating voltage range of external trigger signal


Operating current


Operating temperature

-20℃ ~ 70℃ (Able to be customized up to -40°C~85°C)

Storage temperature

–40℃ ~105℃

Operating humidity




360 Degree Surround View Camera: 


1080P  720P

Output signal


Image Device


Frame Rate


Automatic White Balance 


Automatic Exposure


Night vision

Starlight level

Visiable when<0.1lux

infrared light is not required

White balance





62*41.72*34.11 mm Camera's angle cannot be adjusted

74.28*59.16*42.43mm Camera's angle cannot be adjusted

Viewing angle

FHD808 (Recommended for 3D view)
Horizontal max. 195°
Vertical max. 135°


Horizontal max. 170°

Vertical max. 90°

Power supply

DC 9~16V/DC 10~32V

Operating temp. & humidity

–20℃ ~70℃, RH95%MAX.(FHD808)

–40℃ ~85℃, RH95%MAX.(FHD410)


Storage temp. & humidity

–30℃ ~80℃, RH95%MAX.(FHD808)

–40℃ ~125℃, RH95%MAX.(FHD410)

Waterproof rating


Lens length




Why do you need 6CH Waterproof 360 surround view system?


Potential dangers hidden among blind areas.

Possibility of scratching in narrow roads while no one shares the cost.

Situation of racketeer for car accident keeps increasing.

Indeterminate responsibility for rear-end collision.

The operation environment is harsh and complex, and the vehicle monitoring is difficult?

The vehicle body is too long, and ordinary 4CH panoramic system is difficult to meet the demand?

High-value shipments are hard to track and monitor?


Surround View Camera System-The Necessity




6CH 1080P HD waterproof 360 surround view panoramic image system completely safeguard your driving!



Compliant with UN ECE R151+R159 regulations, eliminate lateral & anterior blindness



6CH 1080P image, 360° seamless splicing

Specially designed for articulated buses, cranes, long trailers, container trucks, fire fighting trucks and other super long vehicles, 6CH ultra-wide angle HD cameras are spliced seamlessly to achieve real 360° panoramic bird view and zero blind spot monitoring, assisting in safe driving. Meanwhile, it also supports 360 surround view with 4 channels and other applications with 2 channels. In addition, expanding more camera inputs is feasible through Network Switch, meeting the monitoring demands of all kinds of vehicles.

360 surround view panoramic image

Buses 360 surround view system



Remote vehicle management

It could be connected to platform to achieve remote vehicle management via 4G network.

360 surround view image system



One-minute calibration

The 360 system comes with automatic calibration, which can be done in 1 minute through the touch screen or remote control. Only 6 calibration mats are needed, and they can be placed randomly to achieve accurate calibration.
Calibration of 6 channel surround view system

360 Surround View


Calibration of 4 channel surround view system



Able to work with pedestrian detection camera

Working with HD camera, it can detect pedestrians and vehicles around the vehicle body in real time, and pedestrians could also be detected in the stitching area, avoiding accidents caused by blind spot.

HD 360 surround view system



Support FCW Function

Support Forward Collision Warning without extra camera, saving time and money. With forward collision warning technology, the system can intelligently and accurately analyse the distance and relative speed between the vehicle and the preceding vehicle, estimate the potential risk of rear-end collision, and send warnings to the driver to avoid accidents.

360 Surround View System



Multiple viewing models, 3D and 2D switchable

360° panoramic image system,  in which user can switch 3D/2D view freely, meets the needs of all kinds of viewing angles 

Surround View System



Strong recording function, supporting 512GBSD card+2T SSD

360 surround view excavator



Waterproof and dustproof, suitable for all kinds of harsh working environments

It is IP69K waterproof, dustproof and  shockproof, able to operate even if in harsh environments

360 surround view excavator



Support radar access, and protect vehicle whole body

Able to work with radar and supporting the overlay of real-time video and audio, it could actively warn the driver to avoid obstacles and other potential hazards 

6CH 360 surround view panorama




6CH 1080P HD waterproof 360 surround view panoramic image system is widely applied in articulated buses, cranes, long trailers, container trucks, fire fighting trucks and other super long vehicle,  fully covering the blind spot around the vehicle body, ensuring the safety of drivers, away from dangerous accidents.

Buses 360 surround view system

360 surround view

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