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STOKAM Intelligent Vehicle Solution,the 127th Canton Fair will be held from June 15th to 24th


The 127th Canton Fair will be held in the form of "online exhibition " from June 15 to June 24. Buyers and visitors from domestic and abroad can enter the online exhibition platform through the official website of the Canton Fair and other entrances, and you can browse the STONKAM Dedicated page, click on nearly one hundred product information, visit STONKAM live stream room and interact with hosts online and other online exhibition operations.

“STONKAM Intelligent vehicle solution, Global live stream of online Canton Fair “will be the theme of this STONKAM live stream, we will bring a 10-day live stream covering 5 major product themes and 5 languages to global customers. Starting from the new smart car mobile DVR, it will take you into the world of smart cars and discover varieties of driving application scenarios for you to solve all kinds of safe driving problems, allowing you to obtain the latest and perfect smart vehicle solutions!

From June 15th to 24th,  English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese will be broadcast live intervals, please notice that we will update the live stream information and address soon, welcome to visit the live room of STONKAM, we will see you all very soon!

Live Streams Playback on YouTube:


AI Witnesses New Level of Core Technology of Vehicle DVR

Starting from vehicle DVR, lets go into the world of vehicle intelligence
 How to more effectively achieve vehicle monitoring and ensure driving safety

Electronic Rear View Mirror Monitor & Mirror Dash Cam   New visual experience

Hablando de DVR para autos, le lleva al mundo del auto inteligente
Cómo lograr una supervisión más efectiva del vehículo y garantizar la seguridad de conducción


車載DVRから始め スマート車載システムの世界へ


Увидеть скрытые опасности

Увидеть скрытые опасности -  применение системы обнаружения препятствий в тяжелых коммерческих транспортных средствах

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127th Canton Fair

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