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To broaden talents growth path, STONKAM held a series of evaluations in July


Rank evaluation


Recently, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, the Human Resource Center of STONKAM has organized a number of rank evaluations which will provide broad career development space for STONKAM employees, and lay a firm foundation of talent for the high-quality development of the company.

Nearly 100 employees reported on their understanding of positions, thinking of work, work development, problem solving, etc., which not only showed their full working status, but also reflected their great importance to their own career development!


7S evaluation of production center in the second quarter

In order to encourage STONKAM employees to further improve the production status, reduce production anomalies and wastage caused by 7S, optimize the working environment, and improve customer satisfaction, the production center specially carried out the second quarter 7S evaluation activity!


This evaluation is based on the daily 7S audit activity score and the advice item score to give the final team score of group. After score calculation, "repair welding debugging production line" team ranked first in the first group, "laboratory" team ranked first in the second group!


Quality Control assessment of the production center in the second quarter

In order to stimulate the work enthusiasm of STONKAM employees, and encourage all QC staff to form a good atmosphere of "comparing, learning, catching up, surpassing, and helping" in their study and work,and also in order to cultivate QC talent group with excellent quality, optimized structure, and excellent knowledge, STONKAM Production Center organized all QC staff to carry out QC assessment on July 5th!

During the assessment process, the QC staff showed their solid knowledge reserve and proficient inspection technical ability. After two rounds of fierce competition, the top two winners with the highest scores were selected. Manager Su of the production center presented them with certificates and cash rewards. Congratulations!

In addition, the excellent production line leader evaluation and excellent management trainee quarterly evaluation and other selection activities have been held successively. The outstanding talents with high technology and high skills can get a higher salary and get rich awards!


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