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7 inch Digital waterproof vehicle monitor
7 inch Digital waterproof vehicle monitor
  •  IP66 
  •  Picture image may be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing, menu characters won’t be reversed  when mirror image is set 
  •  8 languages available to select 
  •  Automatic backlighting for screen, automatic adjust to the brightness of environment  
  •  System format: NTSC/PAL/AUTO 
  •  four cameras with trigger lines, when the camera is triggered, the picture switches to the triggered camera automatically  
  •  Auto scan, scan channel and time can be set according to user’s need 
  •  Reverse warning yardstick, can be adjusted up and down, left and right  
  •  Easy installation and convenient use, with innovative functions. 
  •  Can be used both in vehicle, shipment surveillance and security monitor in the open air 
  •  13Pin: Up to 3 AV inputs. Three cameras input on the rear and one A/V input on the front panel.
  •  22Pin: Up to 4 AV inputs, 1 video output and 1 audio output. 
Audio Output 1.5W
Power Supply 2460V
Power Consumption 6W
Contrast 500:1
Resolution 800 x 480
Brightness 400 cd/m²
Viewing Angle  U: 50º /D: 70º, R/L: 70º / 70º
Operating Temperature -40ºC+70ºC, RH 90%
Storage Temperature -40ºC+80ºC, RH 90%
Distance Label
7 inch Digital TFT- LCD Color Monitor-Distance Label
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