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STONKAM® | Pull out All the Stops to Accomplish Our Mission


On October 17th, 2019, in Gongguan City, Guangdong Province, while two kids were playing games squatting, one of the boys was hit and dragged to the bottom of a reversing truck, and died despite treatment. The driver wailed with guilt, saying that he backed up the truck slowly because he didn’t see the kids from his rearview mirrors, and realized things went wrong until he finally saw them. To some degree, the driver was “innocent” too, but indeed it was him who paid no attention to the dangers of blind zones and caused the tragedy!

The recent years have seen a lot of accidents caused by big trucks, and big trucks are regarded as bad luck by many people. While in these shocking traffic accidents, many are in fact caused by blind zones.

The tragedy caused by the "visual blind spot" of large trucks!

According to Global StatusReportonRoadSafetyreleased by WHO in 2018, there are 1.35 million people who die in traffic accidents annually, which means that every 24 seconds there will be one person losing his/her life in the road. Many of these accidents could have been avoided, yet the results are numerous broken families!

These tragedies keep us thinking:

Why these traffic accidents can’t catch some people’s attention?

Why people still pay little attention to driving safety?

Why people don’t try to reduce the accidents with the help of emerging technology?

As members of STONKAM CO., LTD, we grieve for all these horrifying accidents. In the meantime, as Chinese leading company in vehicle electronics industry, STONKAM®  always thinks it our responsibility to enhance the driving safety, and our mission to offer products with creativity and good quality and to be dedicated to people’s better life. Specifically, we have comprehensively promoted the intelligence in the industry by making deep integration of vehicle electronics technology to a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and adopting the core values of “Customer First, Quality Excellence, Innovation Infinity” as rules of conduct. By doing this, we aim to provide vehicle monitoring products and solutions with better quality and intelligence in order to guarantee the driving safety, and therefore benefit us all.

In order to practice the mission and offer more vehicle monitoring products with better quality and creativity, STONKAM® adhere to self-dependent innovation. Since the development of first black-and-white CCD module, we keep on moving and developed a series of AI intelligent vehicle electronic products such as 360°around view systems, network HD MDVR systems, advanced driver assistance systems, driver fatigue monitoring systems. The products from STONKAM® keep updating so as to bring better and safer driving environment for people.

For example, to solve the safety issues caused by blind zones of heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and bus, we have developed many intelligent products such as HD electronic mirror system, 360° around view systems, BSD intelligent blind spot detention systems, aiming at reducing the accidents caused by blind zones.

As for the traffic accidents which come from the inappropriate actions of drivers, we also provide verified solutions: we have developed innovative products like advanced driver assistance systems and anti-fatigue systems, which can keep monitoring the status of the driver, and launch warnings to the drivers when inappropriate actions occur. In this way, the products can greatly minimize the risk of accident caused by distraction, fatigue or improper driving behaviors, and enhance the driving safety!


Since the establishment, STONKAM® stays true to its mission, has been attaching great importance to customer experience, paying great attention to customers’ expectation and demands and the fulfillment. We strive to become a leading company in products, technology and quality.


In the future, STONKAM® will adhere to our mission of offering products with creativity and good quality and being dedicated to people’s better life, pay close attention to driving safety; oriented by market needs, we aim at offering more products with good quality, so as to guarantee driving safety, and make greater contributions to people’s better and safer life!



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