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“Customer First, Quality Excellence, Innovation Infinity”STONKAM 2017 Annual Summary Awarding Ceremo


On Feb. 10th, STONKAM 2017 Annual Summary Awarding Ceremony & 2018 Spring Festival Party was held in Guangzhou Wa King Town Hotel. STONKAM enterprise leaders, cooperative supplier representatives, all staff and their families, gathered together to celebrate the festival.

The annual summary awarding ceremony takes STONKAM’s three core values “Customer First, Quality Excellence, Innovation Infinity” as its theme, reviewed STONKAM’s persistence in customer-centricity, pursue of quality excellence and adherence to continuous innovation in the past year. Under the guidance of “Focus, Profession, Specialist” spirit of craftsmanship, STONKAM continues its “steady progress” development policy, fully promoting its products towards digitalization, high-definition and intelligence, and has achieved improvement in production efficiency and gained a number of patens. In 2017, STONKAM was awarded as National High-Tech Enterprise again, and exceeded its annual sales target of 2017, achieving 14 consecutive years of steady growth.

At the year-end meeting, STONKAM presented the Annual Excellent Supplier Award, Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Cadre Award, Outstanding Team Award, 7S Team Award, Best Improvement Award and Annual Sales Star Award to its suppliers and employees, to recognize the hard works and outstanding contributions they have made over the past year. In addition, STONKAM also presented Five-year Contribution Award and Ten-year Contribution Award to the employees who have accompanied STONKAM for so many years and grown together with STONKAM, to thank them for their loyalty to the company. Among them, the five-year contribution awarded employees played the “Grateful Heart” sign language show, transmitting their gratitude to STONKAM enterprise leaders and colleagues by silent actions.

At last, STONKAM general manager, Mr. Stone delivered a speech for the meeting, expressing his heartful thanks to customers both at home and abroad, to its cooperative suppliers and also to all the hard-working STONKAM employees. Also, president Stone gave high praise to those departments who have shown great “customer-centric” service awareness, meticulous product quality requirements and various aspects of innovation in their work.

After the summary awarding ceremony, SONKAM hosted a banquet in the hotel for all the participants, and arranged a wonderful 2018 Spring Festival Party after the luncheon. Beautiful classic dances, fun sketches, youth songs and dances, sweet guitar singing, supplier special performances and many other wonderful shows won audience’s loud applause and repeated praise. During the party raffles, the whole atmosphere became even more enthusiastic. In the cheers and screams, there have been fortunes receiving rich gifts carefully prepared by the program organizing committee. 

With the music of “Unforgettable Tonight”, STONKAM 2017 Annual Summary Awarding Ceremony& 2018 Spring Festival Party ended in a warm, pleasant and impassioned atmosphere.

Summarize the past, look to the future. In the new year 2018, STONKAM employees are expected to bear their initial dreams in mind, to forge ahead with enthusiasm and strive for a broader sky for themselves and their families, to make STONKAM stride in the new era, to write a brighter and more prosperous future.

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