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STONKAM®: How did We Achieve Annual Growth for 15 Consecutive Years?


Many factors play an important role in promoting the qualitative change of enterprises from manufacturing enterprises to high-tech enterprises, and among them innovation and management upgrades are undoubtedly the most important ones.


In the face of fierce market competition, how did STONKAM manage to achieve its annual performance growth for 15 consecutive years? The answer not only lies in the concept of Customer First and Quality Excellence, but also the concept of Innovation Infinity. STONKAM always adheres to the business philosophy of permanent innovation, promotes innovation in all aspects, and integrates technological innovation, organizational innovation, management innovation, and strategic innovation throughout its work.

STONKAM®: How did We Achieve Annual Growth for 15 Consecutive Years?


Keep improving the products and core technologies

The improvement of products and core technologies is what STONKAM keeps doing during the implementation of independent design and R&D strategies. Despite the fact that many peers now rely on other companies’ OEM services, and the fact that now more and more companies are joining the competition in the field of automotive electronics segmentation, STONKAM has always been insisting on independent R&D since the successful development of the first black-and-white CCD module in the first month of establishment, Every year, it launches a variety of new products, and it is the first company to have developed night vision cameras and wide-angle cameras. In the era of Internet+, the enterprise relies on its own technology accumulation in the automotive electronics industry, constantly prospecting the field of artificial intelligence. STONKAM integrates automotive electronic technology with a new generation of AI technology by developing new intelligent AI vehicle monitoring products and solutions with face recognition and behavior recognition, which helps it to gain a series of technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights.

STONKAM®: How did We Achieve Annual Growth for 15 Consecutive Years?


Encourage Employees to Strive for Innovation

STONKAM values the cultivation of internal innovation atmosphere, the proposal of innovation-related topics, and the implementation of innovation reward mechanism, regards them as the management mechanism for continuous innovation, and strives to spread the awareness of innovation in every corner of the company. It actively builds a R&D sharing and exchange platform, holds R&D innovation awards within the company every quarter to encourage R&D personnel to invent and apply for patents. The rewards also stimulate their enthusiasm for technology innovation. In addition, all departments and employees are encouraged to, based on their positions, work hard with innovative thinking.

STONKAM®: How did We Achieve Annual Growth for 15 Consecutive Years?


Diversified Innovation

At the same time, STONKAM is also stepping up the pace of innovation in all aspects of management. For example, in terms of employee training, it is no longer limited to the knowledge training of the specific position itself, but involves others like R&D, production, sales, finance, etc. It also implements the training mode of rotation, transfer, and multi-function position so as to improve the professional skills of staffs. And in management system, take the financial management system as an example; the company standardizes it in depth every year, requiring a more comprehensive and more detailed system. Besides, in process optimization management, the ERP information system is officially launched in 2011 to gradually realize the information management of enterprise. In addition, in terms of improving the talent structure, STONKAM actively introduces talents with Master or PhD degree, as well as the AI algorithm R&D talents, in order to provide customers with more innovative products and services.

STONKAM®: How did We Achieve Annual Growth for 15 Consecutive Years?

As the Chines poet Qu Yuan said, “The road ahead is long and has no ending; yet high and low I will search with my will unbending”, STONKAM’s pursuit of innovation has no ending. At the annual gala of the company in 2017, Mr. Shi Ximin, the CEO of STONKAM, said to all employees:

“When a company does not step forward, it is in fact going backward. It is also true when it stops innovating. Therefore, Innovation Infinity is regarded as one of our core values. It’s not only about the innovation of products or technology, but also about the innovation of enterprise management, because only with innovative enterprise management, can you compete with the Global 500 companies. For any company, if you want to survive, you need to develop in the fierce competition. Without competition, this society will see no development, and only the brave can survive in the competition."

STONKAM®: How did We Achieve Annual Growth for 15 Consecutive Years?

STONKAM’s pursuit of innovation is not limited to products and technologies, but the pursuit of comprehensive innovation, which is the exact reason why it keeps stepping forward and has gradually become a leading enterprise in the automotive electronics industry!

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