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To be A First-class Enterprise, to Create A First-class Brand


The former director of the US CIA invented a formula for calculating the national strength of a country, and it equals.

The material power of a state (military strength, economic power, population, and area) multiplied by the spiritual strength of the state, and the spiritual strength ranges from 1% to 100%.

Therefore, no matter how big the material strength is, if the spiritual strength is zero, the national strength will be zero. It’s also true for companies. The competitiveness is the “national strength” of an enterprise, and technology, quality and service are equivalent to the material strength; the brand equals to the spiritual power of the enterprise. Therefore, if a company wants to become a world-class enterprise, both of them are indispensable.

To be A First-class Enterprise, to Create A First-class Brand

STONKAM® is also deeply aware of this: since its inception in 2003, it has been cherishing the brand vision of “to be a first-class enterprise, to create a first-class brand”. In order to approach and realize this brand vision, STONKAM® keeps enhancing its corporate material and spiritual strength!

Independent Innovation

Pilots in the Automotive Electronics Industry

The production technology of vehicle electronic products is the important weapon for technological innovation in the entire industry. STONKAMs R&D center is one of the largest in the industry. For more than a decade, STONKAM® insists on independent R&D and deepening scientific and technological innovation, which makes it  always “one step ahead” on the road. In addition to the pioneering night vision camera and large-angle camera, in recent years, the company has deeply integrated automotive electronic technology with a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and has developed new intelligent technologies with face recognition, behavior analysis and status warning. The products have obtained a series of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and gained 27 product patents, 41 software copyrights and developed 16 high-tech products. The products conclude DVR, 360° around view system, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), driver status monitoring system, detection radar, vehicle camera, and monitor, etc. The expansion of our in-vehicle electronic products has achieved a win-win situation across the industry, leading the advancement and development of the automotive electronics industry.

To be A First-class Enterprise, to Create A First-class Brand

Quality Excellence

Zero-defect Quality Control Mode

Quality excellence is the solid foundation of the brand. As a leading company in the automotive electronics industry, STONKAM® is renowned both at home and abroad for its quality. This is due to the zero-defect quality control model that is strictly practiced by STONKAM®. The general quality management is the quality judgment of the finished product through various inspection methods in the process of manufacturing to see whether it is a qualified product or an unqualified one. Differently, STONKAMs quality control model runs through the entire industry chain: to guarantee the raw material in the upstream, we visit suppliers, establish a quality inspection system, and strengthen the control of raw material quality; in the production process of the product, STONKAM® strictly follows the international automotive quality system standards, and each production process needs to meet the prescribed standards. Before the product is shipped out, each product needs to be tested several times by multiple reliability test equipment to ensure the excellence and stability of the product. Today, STONKAM® is a national high-tech enterprise with more than ten years of experience in R&D, production and sales of vehicle monitoring and advanced driver assistance products. The products are sold to more than 150 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan, and the export rate reaches up to 98%. We have established long-term trade cooperation relations with excellent enterprises from various industries, and has won the market recognition and industry praise.

To be A First-class Enterprise, to Create A First-class Brand

Brand Building

Deepen the Development Strategy of the Company

The report of the 19th National Congress put forward the idea of "deepening supply-side structural reform" to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the substantial economy. The creation of a famous trademark that reflects the economic strength and market advantages of the enterprise is the result and goal pursued by modern enterprises in the fierce market competition and future commercial war.

Oriented by customer needs, STONKAM® has strengthened R&D and innovation, and created more than 80 domestic leading scientific and technological innovations, injecting a strong vitality into the application of international security vehicle monitoring system, laying the foundation for continuous innovation and internationalization of the STONKAM® brand.

Additionally, STONKAM® is a leading international provider and manufacturer of vehicle monitoring solutions, and the honorary titles like National High-Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Provincial Administration of Foreign Exchange A-Level Enterprise, Guangdong Provincial Tax Service Administration Tax-paying Credit A-Class Enterprise, have helped form a good brand effect, making STONKAM® a resounding brand in the industry.

To be A First-class Enterprise, to Create A First-class Brand

After 16 years of development, either the material strength of technology, product quality and service, or the spiritual strength of brand enterprise, has earned STONKAM® high status and reputation in the industry. With the global vision of STONKAM® to build a first-class enterprise and a first-class brand, the company is customer-oriented, quality-oriented, and takes independent innovation as the engine, to better and faster expand the market, and to create more value to the products for consumers. It is believed that in the near future, with growing competitiveness, our brand will be recognized by more and more people, and the brand vision of “to be a first-class enterprise and create a first-class brand” can be achieved soon.

To be A First-class Enterprise, to Create A First-class Brand

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