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Model: MO-141D

Product: 9'' car lcd quad monitor with built-in DVR

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Touch button monitor features:
9-inch digital quad monitor with video recording function; the recording file stored in SD CARD; maximum 32G
  supporting 12 hours continuous recording; support 720x240(NTSC)/720x288(PAL) 30fps
Video file layout: AVI; Coded format: motion JPEG
Support photographing and RTC with time preserved on the photo. Support date & time setting of the video
Touch screen: 9 inch resistive touch screen available, can recognize up, down, left, right side "swipe"; support two-
  point touch to realize channel switching
Support touch button control function
Support level 6 LCD manual backlighting adjustment,level 3 automatic adjustment
Support IR remote control
System format: NTSC/PAL
Loudspeaker: can play audio signal from camera and external input; volume adjustable from 0 to 20
Support four cameras inputs and multi-channels output
Picture image may be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing; characters of the menu will not
  inverse when set to mirror image.
Cameras image display mode: single, dual, triplex, quad, PIP functions, trefoil, and Y-split image available
Five trigger lines: once a trigger line is activated, image automatically switches to its corresponding camera; trigger
  priority is available
Auto scan: scan channel and time can be set according to the users' demand.
Reverse warning yardstick
Automatically boot when triggered under the condition of standby, and automatically switch to trigger channel
One channel video output: synchronal video output
One channel audio output, one channel AUX input
Operating voltage range: 10-32V
Short-circuit protection function
Applicable to vehicle and ship surveillance, indoor / outdoor security systems
Easy installation and convenient operation, with innovative functions
SD card installed :

9inch quad monitor with built-in DVR


Two-point touch function:

quad monitor

9inch' quad monitor with built-in DVR

Front Panel
1 IR remote control receiver head
2 Power switch
3 Brightness/Value down
4 Brightness/Value up
5 Menu selection down selector
6 Menu
7 Channel switch
8 Light Sensitive Resistor IC


Electronic label:
Electronic label
Product Accessories:
Sun shield
U- support bracket
Base support
Angle adjustment screw
Remote controller
Sun shield
U- support bracket(optional)
Base support(optional)
Angle adjustment screw
Remote controller
AV and power supply conversion cable
AV and power supply conversion cable
User's manual
Detailed Drawing:
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